New 2020 Labor Laws Affecting California Employers

Of the 2,625 bills introduced in the Legislature this year, 1,042 bills reached Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk. He signed 870 and vetoed 172 — and many of those signed will affect California employers.
Some bills made significant changes to California employment law, such as the much publicized independent contractor bill, Assembly Bill (AB) 5. Others made small but important changes of which employers must be aware, such as those changing the mandatory harassment prevention training deadlines.  The governor also vetoed several CalChamber-opposed bills, including AB 589, which would have created overly burdensome requirements for employers to post and provide employees
with a “Worker’s Bill of Rights,” among other things. The governor also vetoed Senate Bill (SB) 218, which would have amended the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) to allow local governments in Los Angeles County to enact their own anti-discrimination ordinances similar to
the FEHA, creating uncertainty, inconsistency and confusion regarding the FEHA’s application and interpretation.

To read the full changes download the pdf