Employee Termination Management – “Begin with the end in mind” (Franklin Covey)
Turnover Trends: For most companies, retention is now a major concern, which was not the case after the recession. It’s become much easier for people to find new jobs these days; job shortages have vanished.
Whether your organization has low voluntary turnover, high voluntary turnover, low involuntary turnover, high involuntary turnover or some combination of the above, turnover statistics tell a story about your company processes, procedures, leadership and culture.
The Cost of Losing Employees: According to the Society of Human Resource Management, the cost of replacing an employee is somewhere between 90 percent and 200 percent of their annual salary - The true cost of losing an employee is more expensive than organizations realize.
The costs are often hidden, delayed or difficult to attribute – Determine the cost by using this formula for measuring employee turnover:

The costs of turnover also include:
• Lower Organizational: morale, engagement and performance
• Higher training Costs (new employees)
• Loss of historical knowledge
All create the need for constant recruitment due to high turnover and a cycle of hiring instead of engaging and encouraging high performers.

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